1 Adjustment Improves Brain Function??



Would you rather have a back problem or a brain problem?

Nearly everyone hearing this question would respond that they would rather have a back problem.

Would you rather your children have a back problem or a brain problem?

Parents likewise respond in unison that they would rather their child have a back problem.

These two questions point out the significant need for better health care education within society.  A back problem automatically coexists as a brain problem.  Back problems are not isolated to back or neck pain and can exist in children or adults without any pain or symptoms.  When a spinal vertebra loses proper alignment or movement, interference occurs in the brain and central nervous system.  The spinal misalignment is called vertebral subluxation.  Research proves that subluxation exist in the spine but cause problems in the other parts of the body because of their influence on the brain.

Chiropractic reduces the interference in the brain and central nervous system and adjusting the spine on a regular basis.  Proper alignment assures proper brain to body communication and improved overall health.  Back problems involve much more than the sensation of pain.  A back problem impacts overall body health because of the united influence on the brain and central nervous system.

A typical child or adult experiences numerous health symptoms and conditions.  The quality of life and health for the average person in today’s culture continues to decline.  The health of the spine and posture directly relate the spine’s relationship with brain health.  Health deteriorates as the spine and posture deviate further from normal motion and alignment.

A study published in a medical journal in 2016 proved a major connection between one adjustment of the spine and significant brain improvement.  A specific area of the brain most affected by the adjustment was the pre-frontal cortex.  The pre-frontal cortex plays a significant role in executive functions, focus control, attention, memory, initiation of activity, and response to stimuli.  This area plays a critical role for kids and adults with attention and focus problems, memory and learning issues.  Improving the pre-frontal cortex also impacts many other symptoms exhibited by children or adults because the brain directs all aspects of health, function and human performance.

Chiropractic adjustments improve the brain and help infants, children and adults reach their full potential by removing interference in the brain and central nervous system.  Adjustments do not heal the body and chiropractors do not seek to treat symptoms or conditions.  Scientifically designed chiropractic care uses adjustments to remove interference from nervous system communication and allows the power within the body to function with optimal power.  Chiropractic care originates in the spine but impacts the function and overall health of the brain.


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