A 5 MPH Crash Can Cause Spinal Damage

Even car crashes 5 MPH can cause sever spinal damage or injury.

Really?  A 5 MPH crash can cause

spinal damage!

A study from 2006 determined a motor vehicle impact as slow as 5 miles per hour creates enough of an impact to cause severe spinal injury or spinal damage.  An inter-vertebral disc can start to decay within 48 hours after an accident!  The bottom line, it doesn’t take a high speed collision to cause damage to your spine and your health. car accident, fender bender, spinal damage from car accidents

Pain usually is the final step after a damaging process initiates within the body, days or months earlier.  After a trauma, abnormally positioned or abnormally moving vertebrae, called subluxations, interfere with your central nervous system.  This nervous system interference can cause pain but these spinal problems often turn into major health problems.  Since your nervous system is the master controller and it is in direct control of your immune system, sickness and disease will accompany uncorrected spinal subluxations.


So after any accident, not just a motor vehicle accident (accidents, slips, falls etc,) make sure you get your spine checked for vertebral subluxations (misalignments).  It doesn’t take long for a chiropractor to detect if you have subluxations in your spine.  A chiropractor is specifically trained in the detection and correction of this nerve interference.  Remember, it’s not just pain that we are dealing with it’s the deterioration of your health that can occur after an accident.

DON’T WAIT…The sooner you get checked the easier it will be to get you back on track.

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