Before You Begin a Daily Exercise Routine

Hammer a straight nail, and it drives right into the wood. Hammer a bent one, and it bends even more.

The same principle applies to your spine.

Proper Alignment

A properly aligned spine can withstand the forces you encounter every day (like lifting, standing, bending and twisting).

Put an ‘kink’ in that spine (subluxation), and instead of withstanding those forces, your spine succumbs to them – turning normal everyday activities like doing housework, exercising or playing with your kids into occasions for injury, discomfort and disability.

Structural integrity begets normal function.  When it comes to strength and performance, your spine needs to be in proper alignment to get any job done safely and pain free.

What Can You Do?

Keep it in shape with regular Chiropractic care and you’ll protect yourself from Life’s daily pounding.


Next Step:

Design a Year of Abundant Health

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