Can Chiropractic Influence Pelvic Organ Problems in Women?

Scientific studies actually conducted University studies that proved the truth behind the old adage that “A happy wife leads to a happy life.”

Few quotes ring more true.  Women make up half of the human race.  They help the other half of the (men) survive while giving life to the next generation.  Women deserve access to the greatest health strategies on the planet.  Research proves that women receiving chiropractic care benefit from numerous health improvements not available through drugs and surgery.

Men do not face a monthly menstrual cycle, the stress of pregnancy, or the pain of childbirth.  God definitely gave these roles to the stronger sex.  These female roles and responsibilities require specific changes and disruptions in hormone balance for the majority of each woman’s life.  Very few health measures influence hormone production and balance more than regular chiropractic care.  Studies consistently reveal that chiropractic adjustments directly link to improved balance and hormone control in women.

An important link exists between a woman’s pelvic organ function and spinal health.  Researchers conducted a study in 2000 to evaluate the amount of curvature in the lower back of 92 women.  Those with reduced lower back curves, specifically referred to as reduced lumbar curvature, experience increased rate of pelvic organ problems.

Chiropractors never seek to treat symptoms or cure disease.  The body’s own intelligence possesses immeasurable power to heal and combat disease.  More than one billion red blood cells and over six million white blood cells are made by the body every single minute.  Each kidney contains one million individual filters that filter an average of 1.3 liters of blood per minute.  And the average adult body contains 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels.  Scientists estimate that a computer containing the intelligence existing in the human brain and nervous system would need to be one hundred stories high and the size of the city of Dallas, Texas.  Chiropractors describe this massive power as innate intelligence because it begins at birth.

Chiropractors remove interference to that innate intelligence and achieve significant advances in health and function with each adjustment.  Disruptions in the nervous system occur from natural, daily movements that begin occurring the day a child enters the world.  The neurological network that receives and directs nerve messages exists in and around the spine.  A few vital health functions directly influenced by the alignment and condition of the spine include heart health, immune function, digestion, and hormone control.  Research continues to link pelvic organ control and hormone balance to spinal function and outlines the importance of chiropractic care as a necessary part in optimal women’s health.  Every woman deserves to experience the immeasurable benefits of chiropractic care.  Millions of people agree that behind every good man exists a great woman.  Each of those great women deserves a life filled with optimal health and function.

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