The TRUTH About Cracking Your Knuckles


Arthritis can be a scary word to some.  Who wants to get arthritis?  Arthritis causes joints to deteriorate, lose motion, become painful and more importantly decrease function.  Arthritis is not pleasing to the eyes, arthritisespecially when it’s in your hands.  Arthritic hands are often linked to old age.  So should we have stopped cracking our knuckles when we were kids?  Should we have listened to our parents when they said it would cause arthritis?

Well, we finally have an answer to that daunting question.  Research performed in the mid 1970’s and again in 2011 shows that “No connection exists between cracking your knuckles and arthritis.”  Dr. Donald Unger, M.D. conducted a sixty year study to prove that there was no connection.


There were some other findings that came from this study that chiropractors around the world have been saying for over a hundred years.  People who cracked their knuckles regularly experienced less arthritis then those who did not and because knuckle joints show nearly identical characteristics to many of the joints that connect vertebrae in the spine, spinal adjustments not only can prevent arthritis, but will help increase the strength, durability and movement of the spine while balancing the function of the nervous system.  Many diseases directly result from an imbalanced nervous system.  Heart disease, immune deficiencies, breathing troubles and many more autoimmune dysfunctions originate with imbalanced nervous systems. 

As research continues to show the major role that chiropractic plays in our health care, the best way you can utilize chiropractic care comes through consistent and frequent (weekly) adjustments over the course of a lifetime.

The key to better health and longevity is improving movement and spinal alignment through a specific chiropractic adjustment.

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