Can Lack of Sleep Cause Obesity?



Nearly everyone occasionally suffers from a poor night of sleep.  Individuals who are particularly vulnerable include students, shift workers, travelers and those with acute stress, depression or chronic pain.  Sleep debt sufferers experience waking frequently throughout the night or too early in the morning, take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep and feel lethargic during the day.  Sleep is essential for good health. proper mental and emotional functioning and ultimately our safety.

A National Sleep Foundation poll found that 60% of American adults experience sleep problems.  The result of insufficient sleep include reduced productivity and concentration, impaired memory, stress and decreased learning and logical reasoning abilities.  Sleep debt is also linked to various illnesses and complications such as diabetes, obesity and a weakened immune system.  Sleep is one of the most significant functions for the brain to properly operate and is required for your nervous system to regulate responses to external stimuli.

Although individual sleep needs vary, most healthy adults need an average of eight hours sleep each night.  However, the quality of sleep outweighs the importance of the quantity of sleep.  Getting enough sleep without interruptions from the environment or internal factors gives people a more restful and restorative sleep.  Drugs and sleep aids may not address the cause or cure the problem, while traditional chiropractic care can provide a healthy alternative.

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