Beyond Back Pain

Why Chiropractic Can Help With Asthma, Acid Reflex & Bedwetting


When I meet a new patient for the first time, 9 times out of ten they are seeking relief from some type of back or neck pain.

Helping patients recover from injuries, reducing pain, and restoring full mobility is certainly the primary purpose of chiropractic care, but the value of adjustments go far beyond the obvious.

The 24 vertebrae that comprise the spine serve a critical function—they protect the spinal cord, a series of nerve fibers sometimes referred to as the body’s information superhighway. By correcting misalignments in the spine (which are often undetected by patients), pressure on these nerves is alleviated. The result is that the lungs, bladder and stomach work better because signals from the central nervous system to these organs flow more freely.

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