Chiropractic Care is Most Effective?

The Most Effective and Least Expensive Way to Overcome Back Pain

Not much pain in life compares to that of back pain.  Millions of dollars are spent each year by back pain sufferers seeking solutions.  A recent study published in 2016 evaluated different forms of back pain treatment.  The results of three different healthcare providers were evaluated to find the best results for the least cost.

MDs vs Chiropractors vs Physical Therapists…Who wins?

The 2016 study was published in the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation wanted to find out the most effective and the least expensive way to overcome back pain.  They compared Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists and the results were pretty impressive!

Chiropractic led the way in all aspects of results that were monitored and measured.

The findings were as follows:

  • 5,511 Workers evaluated over a period of 2 years.
  • Back Pain is the most common occupational injury in Canada and the U.S. and causes more years of life with disability than any of the other 291 conditions studied.
  • Workers who first saw a chiropractor were less likely to become chronically work disabled.
  • Physical therapists showed the longest duration of compensation and chiropractors showed the shortest.
  • Over the first 149 days, the workers who first sought care from a chiropractor had a significantly greater chance of ending their compensation episode compared with workers who first consultant a physician (MD) or Physical therapist.
  • 75.9% of workers seeking chiropractic care did not seek an additional type of care within the first month while 58.6% of workers who first consulted a physical therapist also sought medical care within the first month.  Physical therapy patients were also more likely to experience a second episode of compensation.
  • These results raise concerns regarding the use of physical therapists as gatekeepers in the Worker’s Compensation System.

So what is the take away….CHIROPRACTIC WINS!

Small misaligned and immobile stress points in the spine produce interference to the central nervous system.  To explain it super simply, a back problem is a brain problem.  Subluxations can not only become sources of pain, but also interfere with autonomic functions such as sleep, digestion, breathing energy, immunity, fertility and so much more.  Over the years, Chiropractic care has proven to be the least expensive, most effective and longest lasting forms of back care.  And whether pain is present or not, chiropractic adjustments restore function to the brain and central nervous system to achieve higher expressions of life and health for all ages.

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