Carpal Tunnel – Springdale, PA

carpeltunnelDo you struggle with Carpal Tunnel and live in the Pittsburgh area?  We would like to help.

Any repetitive motion such as being on your computer, Ipad or Iphone or jobs that require the use of your hands, like assembly line work, can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Dr. Frazetta has been helping patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for over 20 years.  Many of his patients were able to avoid surgery by utilizing conservative chiropractic care.

While your wrist may seem like a long way from your neck, there is definitely a connection!  A large nerve, called the median nerve, runs from your neck and extends to your hand through a tunnel-like passage in your wrist.

Misaligned neck vertebrae can cause an initial irritation of the median nerve, often due to repeated stress on your neck and shoulders.  In addition, further repetitive stress on your arms and hands can increase the irritation of the tendons in your wrist, causing them to swell.  This condition is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.  The carpal tunnel is made up of the carpal (wrist) bones, flexor tendons, and an overlying ligament.  Wrist bones and ligaments have no “give”.  That’s why pressure on the median nerve, caused by swollen tendons, can result in numbness, tingling, burning and pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can develop over weeks, months, or even years, and untreated, can lead to permanent nerve damage.  Give us a call, let us help you get relief.


Here is what some of our patients have to say

I was scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery, and chiropractic care was not an option given to me by my surgeon. I was reading the newspaper and saw an article about non-surgical ways to treat carpal tunnel. After coaxing from my husband and a friend, I came to see the Doctor. It was the best thing I ever did for my health. After his treatment plan, my carpal tunnel symptoms are gone. – Tanya K.

First of all, let me start by saying that I have a fear or aversion to doctors.   My husband started seeing Dr. Frazetta on the recommendation of Scott K.  Phil has recently been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and was experiencing significant pain in both hands.  He also was having a lot of problems with his sciatic nerve.  Of course, his doctor wanted to do carpal tunnel surgery on both hands.  I was very nervous about it since I had known people who had major problems with the recovery time.  Scott suggested Phil try the chiropractic route.  Within a few weeks of seeing Dr. Frazetta, Phil began to have substantial relief of his symptoms.  He started bringing home books, brochures and other materials and tried hard to convince me to go to Dr. Frazetta.  A year ago I began having problems with numbness in my hands and agonizing pain in my shoulder and neck.  I went through three months of physical therapy, and although there was relief, as soon as I stopped the pain returned.  I have also over the past number of years had significant problems with migraine headaches – to the point where they were becoming incapacitating.  All I could seem to get in the way of treatment were drugs that made me totally non-functional.  So, Phil suggested I see Dr. Frazetta.  I arrived frightened, apprehensive and skeptical.  Three weeks later I felt amazing!  No more headaches, much more flexibility in my neck, and no more numbness in my hands.  I learned through experience that it is very important to stick with Dr. Frazetta’s prescribed program.  Through my very intense work and travel schedule, I found it difficult to keep with the visits during the initial phase; and I have paid dearly for that.  But now I am beginning to see the results of diligence and commitment to the program and have learned my lesson.  Phil and I really have seen the results of what Dr. Frazetta can do – and we appreciate the caring, friendly atmosphere.  Thank you, Dr. Frazetta and staff.  You have made a difference in our well being and our lives!  –  Phil & LouAnn K.