Does Fever Have Value?

Enjoy this excerpt from an article by the late Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD: “Fever is a blessing…”thBRUC89AR

“If your child contracts an infection, the fever that accompanies it is a blessing, not a curse…fever tells you that the repair mechanisms of the body have gone into high gear.  It is something to rejoice over, not to fear…”

“Nature requires time to heal.  Unless faced with an emergency, use watchful waiting.  Symptoms are evidence that healing is taking place.  Suppressing symptoms interferes with natural healing processes and may promote chronic disease.”

“The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself – a capacity that in most cases surpasses anything that medical science can do – and it doesn’t  produce unwanted side effects.”

“Common sense is the most useful tool in dealing with illness.  Your medical doctor is less likely to employ it than you are, and certainly no more able, because that’s not what they taught him in medical school.”


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