Fever – Good or Bad?

Immune System – Lesson 3

Fever – Good or Bad?

The human body is an amazing piece of machinery.  We talked last time about the importance of Calcium for our immune system and how sugar destroys that Calcium in our bodies.

So, let’s say you over indulged in sugar… A can of pop and some sweets at the office Christmas party last year.  Now your immune system within the next 2-5 hours is compromised.

That sugar in your body is not allowing enough Calcium to get into your tissue.  Without Calcium, the body can not activate your white blood cells to fight off that nasty virus going around your office.

So, what does the body do?

It raises your body temp… Yes, you start getting a FEVER.  Well, why does the body do that?  This is the cool thing, a fever is a built in mechanism of repair.  Here’s what happens…the muscles around bones become warm in order to leach ionized Calcium from the bones and free Calcium where it is needed to activate white blood cells.  See, I told you how amazing the human body is.

So, the key to all of this is the Calcium.  It is the Calcium Bicarbonate that is essential in the blood stream to prevent ourselves and our children from becoming susceptible to flu, colds and diseases of childhood which produce fevers.  In fact Calcium Bicarbonate deficiency alone can cause a child to have recurrent fever, a fever which disappears at once with the administration of Calcium Lactate (Standard Process) which forms Calcium Bicarbonate after absorption.

We tend to see fevers more in children during the ages of rapid bone growth especially where the youngster is getting too much of such cereal foods as oatmeal and dry cereals.


Next lesson will be on the role of Vitamin D and another Vitamin (that you probably never heard of) in supporting your immune system.

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