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headache relief.001One of the most common  (often untreated) types of headaches are called cervicogenic headaches.

If you are unfamiliar with the word “cervicogenic”, it just means that your headaches are coming from your neck. Below is a list of 8 signs that your headache are coming from your neck.

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chiropractor headaches.0018 Signs Your Headaches are Coming from Your Neck:

  1. Your headaches get worse with stress
  2. You have bad posture (head leaning forward, forward rounded shoulders, etc)
  3. You have muscle tension at the base of your skull
  4. Your headaches get worse the longer you sit at your computer
  5. You have pain at the lower part of your neck and/or between your shoulder blades
  6. Your neck feels tight and/or you wish it would “pop”
  7. Your headaches feel a little better if you stretch your neck
  8. Your headaches feel a little better if you “pop” your neck

If you suffer with headaches and have one more more of the above signs, your headaches are most likely coming from or being made worse by a problem with your neck. The good news is that cervicogenic headaches can be corrected and we can help.

DrFrazetta_250About Dr. Frazetta

I have been helping headache sufferers eliminate their headaches for over 20 years and we would love the opportunity to help you too.

My purpose for being a chiropractor is to help sick people get better. We see families in our community that are sick, over-medicated and overwhelmed by life’s challenges losing hope unable to live to their potential. At Frazetta Family Chiropractic we see perfection in the human person and when sick bodies are restored transformation of lives can occur. We exist to make that happen.

What our patients say

“The 10 minutes I spend a week getting adjusted, have given me back hours of time to spend with my family, now that I no longer suffer with migraine headaches.” Vonda F.