The Similarity Between Exercise and Chiropractic Care

So lets use exercise as an example to help you better understand chiropractic care.

Short-term care:

The most common way that people use exercise is short-term exercise. Swimsuit season sneaks up on you? New Year’s resolution? Single again? Training for a marathon? Got your wedding coming up? Better go to the gym.

In the same way, the most common way that people use a chiropractor is for short-term care. Hurt your back? Got into a car accident? Headache? Neck and shoulders tight? Go to the chiropractor. It makes perfect sense.

Short-term chiropractic care and short-term exercise are designed to meet a specific need. They aren’t supposed to be long-term fixes to chronic problems. They aren’t meant to be a lifestyle change.

Going to a chiropractor with a chronic issue and hoping to fix it in 1 or 2 visits is sort of like being 75 lb. overweight and hoping to lose it after a week of going to the gym. The best trainers in the world can’t get that done. It’s not realistic.

That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t use a chiropractor for short-term care. There is nothing wrong with that if it’s what you need.

It is important to make sure your goals line up with your actions. If you try to fix a long-term problem with short-term care, you are just going to be frustrated. Next week we will discuss the 2nd way to utilize chiropractic care.

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