Part Three: Wellness

Have you ever met a health nut ? Are you a health nut? You know who I’m talking about. It’s the type of person who eats clean and exercises just for the sake of eating clean and exercising.

They aren’t sick. They aren’t fat, They aren’t in pain. They aren’t training for an upcoming event. They just exercise because they want to be healthy and reach their maximum potential. Sickening, isn’t it ?

Well chiropractic has it’s share of health nuts too. They are they type of person who isn’t in pain. They aren’t concerned about anything in particular. They just know that a healthy spine is part of a healthy life.

They want to stay mobile and active for as long as possible, and they want to reach their fullest health potential. So they make ongoing chiropractic care a part of their wellness lifestyle.

Just like there is a place for wellness exercise, there is a place for wellness chiropractic. Is it for everyone? No…of course not. Besides, most people aren’t health nuts.

Is it for some people?  Yes…absolutely. Wellness chiropractic patients are often the biggest advocates of chiropractic in the same way that wellness exercisers will rave about the benefits of exercise. They tend to try the natural route first when it comes to health care.

Final thoughts:

When you look at chiropractic care and exercise together, and you categorize them as short-term, long-term, and wellness.. it starts to make a lot of sense. Chiropractic care can be used a variety of ways, and it should be.

It’s a mistake to think that chiropractic is only for people who are doubled over in pain. It’s also a mistake to think that chiropractic is only for people who eat kale and want to reach their fullest health potential.

Since you have a spine, you should probably have a chiropractor. It’s just a good idea. Does that mean you have to go to the chiropractor once per week for the rest of your life? No…of course not.

You get to decide how to use chiropractic care. You get to decide how it best fits into your goals and life. The chiropractor will be there to support you along the way. As it should be.


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