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Kids and Chiropractic

So why are we so adamant about seeing kids?  Because we don’t want them to grow up with the same problem as you!

Did you know that problems we see in adults actually began in their childhood?  Even the birthing process can be the most traumatic event that a child experiences in their entire lifetime.  Then think about all of the bumps and bruises, the falls, the accidents, the sports, the concussions (ouch)?  Can you say spinal trauma?!

Sometimes parents will say that their child has no pain.  They may not but spinal trauma can express itself in many other ways.  Does your child have colic, frequent ear infections, colds, trouble breathing, difficulty concentrating, sinus infections, allergies, “growing pains”, wetting the bed, etc.?  If they do then we need to check them.  And it’s not because chiropractic is a treatment for these conditions, but because these symptoms can be the result of interference with the nerves (subluxations) that control organs and glands.  The bottom line is they’re never too young to get their first spinal checkup.

We never charge a fee for checking a child for vertebral subluxations.  So make an appointment, it may not mean they need care but at least you will know if their health condition can be helped chiropractically.  The kids love it…no drugs…no shots.


Not only have thousands of parents reported the positive effects of chiropractic with their newborns, but numerous research studies have likewise revealed some amazing results.  One such study compared 200 patients of pediatricians with 200 under the care of chiropractors.  The health of the children under chiropractic care was notably superior.  They reported fewer ear infections, fewer allergies, fewer cases of tonsillitis, and less medical treatment including the need for antibiotic treatment.  Other studies have shown pediatric chiropractic care to have significant results with colic, asthma, ear infection, headache, back pain and learning and behavioral impairments.

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