“Place Your Order”

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Getting stuff from Amazon.com is pretty easy… just pick out what you want, put it in your cart and click the order button. There’s no need to worry about what goes on ‘behind the scenes.’ It’s all handled by knowledgeable experts who retrieve, pack and ship the items you requested online without your conscious involvement. Your job is to sit back and wait patiently for your items to arrive at your doorstep.

The same applies to healing. The behind the scenes work involved in repairing your body requires no conscious micro-management on your part. You need only hold a clear image of the end result (the order) in your mind and allow Nature to fulfill it. Don’t be lulled into aimless hope. No one orders from Amazon® and then ‘hopes’ their packages into existence – they EXPECT them to show up. Expectation is the magic catalyst in every SUCCESSFUL outcome, including healing if that’s what you desire.

So is recovery really as simple as dropping your request in a proverbial chiropractic shopping cart and waiting for your shipment to arrive?  If your desired outcome is well defined and your attitude is receptive, it surely can be. The innate, healing expert inside your body is working thanklessly behind scenes to get the job done – don’t doubt, your order will get delivered.

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