How Do You Spell Relief? I Can Tell You It’s No ROLAIDS!

ReliefChiropractic care is different from medical treatment.  This difference has allowed chiropractors to help millions for over a century.  This difference is far greater than most people think.

Imagine someone with back pain.  The prevailing mainstream approach would be to take medication that would trick the body into not feeling the pain.  Pain relievers are appealing because they’re cheap and convenient.

But the pain isn’t the problem!  It’s merely a sign; it  is a way the body communicates with it’s owner to alert him or her that a limit has been reached and something needs to change.  Consider the chiropractic approach.  Same pain, but chiropractors are cause oriented.  The cause could be physical, chemical or emotional.  Granted, addressing the underlying cause may take longer than swallowing a pill, but the results usually last longer and are far more respectful of the intelligence of your body.

Treat the symptoms? Or correct the cause?

Which strategy makes more sense to you?

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