Don’t Let STRESS Kill Your Christmas Spirit!

Don’t let stress kill your Christmas Spirit…

How Adjustments Can Be The Gift to a Great Holiday Season!

“The number of cardiac deaths is higher on December 25 then on any other day of the year.  Second highest on December 26 and third highest on January 1!

Not surprising being that this time of the year will bring out the best and the worst of times.  An increase in stress hormones are at an all time high for most people. It’s these elevated stress hormones that wreak havoc on our bodies and cause chronic diseases.

“Well Dr. Frazetta what can we do?  How do we avoid stress during the holidays?”  The bad news is, you can’t avoid it, it’s there and it’s going to happen.

The better question to ask is “How do we adapt to the stress we have?”  Taking more medication is NOT the answer!  There are a few things in life that raise the ability to cope with stress.  In my opinion, the most effective one could be right under your fingertips or should I say your chiropractor’s fingertips!

A chiropractic adjustment directly affects areas of the brain that control the stress hormones in a positive way.  The Ogura study in 2011 showed the spinal adjustment improved mechanical function, inhibited Sympathetic Nervous System (Decreased Stress Hormones), improved heart rate and breathing.  That’s pretty amazing stuff!  Chiropractors do not treat or cure mental disorders, emotional stress or depression, chiropractic just puts the body in a positive state to adapt to the stress around them.  That’s what I call PEACE.  Try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Be part of the millions of people who get adjusted and turn the power on in your body the natural way through regular chiropractic care.

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