The Germ They Debunked

Conjoined Twins Help Show Chiropractic Influence on Immunity

Masha and Dasha were conjoined twins born in Russia in the 1950’s.

masha___dasha-214x300They each had one arm and shared one pair of legs.  Due to the fusion, many of their internal organs were the same.  Though they each had a separate heart, the system that circulated all the blood (circulatory system) was the same.  The revolutionary point of their story focuses on their having separate nervous systems.  Their brains and spinal cords did not connect.

The separate nervous systems created fascinating instances where one twin would become ill while the other did not.  The germs of the sick twin would flow through the shared blood of both twins.  While one would experience symptoms from the flu or measles virus, the other twin would be symptom free.

Medical schools continue to teach that germs cause disease.  If that were true then both Masha and Dasha would be each experience symptoms from the germ that circulated through both of their bodies.  The immune system is proven to work under the direct control of the brain and nerve system.

A 2013 book titled “Autonomic Failure” published the scientific proof that white blood cells (macrophage) operate under the direct control of the sympathetic nervous system.  Such evidence proves revolutionary to health and medicine.

Any interference to the nerve system will make a person more susceptible to illness.  A misalignment in the spine, called a vertebral subluxation, directly interferes with the nervous system.

Proper alignment allows babies, kids and adults to achieve incredible levels of immunity by getting their spine and nervous system checked and, if necessary, adjusted by a chiropractor on a regular basis.

Being sick less often is one of the most common testimonies chiropractors hear from their patients

In fact research in 2011 showed 139% increase in a specific immune-boosting hormone from spinal adjustments.

The science proves beyond doubt that chiropractic adjustments improve immunity.  Society needs to learn and engage with the truth.

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