The Truth About Vitamins!

Whole Food Vitamins are totally different

compared to synthetic vitamins.


Whole food vitamins come from organically grown vegetables in which the soil is balanced with nutrients – no pesticides used.  The vegetables are harvested in a way that the vitamin stays in the pure form, which has tremendous healing effects. (Our Standard Process vitamins).  All vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, phytochemicals and other forms of nourishment found in nature come “packaged” with an abundance of other nutrients in an interrelated, balanced arrangement to ensure their optimal absorption and use (function) in the body.  This is the safest, best way – Nature’s way of providing nutrition.

Synthetic vitamins are made in a laboratory and do not contain the whole form of the vitamin.  They contain only a part of the vitamin which is not natural or healthy to the body.  These synthetic vitamins are “false” or “dead chemicals”, which the body does not absorb properly.  Ingestion of lifeless chemicals, which the body may treat as toxic, and which can cause deficiencies, imbalances, or other adverse reactions, will not really build health.    Chemist try as they may to duplicate natures way but can not do so.   Since synthetics can act like a drug in the body and like drugs cause toxicity symptoms can produce from constipation and headaches to kidney and liver damage.  (An example of these synthetic vitamins is the one-a-day and regular vitamins from the drug stores or general nutrition stores).

Does the body know the difference? 

Absolutely!  It’s a matter of chemistry (dead chemicals) verses bio chemistry (live nutrients).  Please ask the doctor for more information about the importance of whole food vitamin supplements and how they can help you.


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