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Titanium Immune System – Lesson 6

How to obtain a Titanium Immune System.  We hear so much about the immune system but really, what is it?  To keep it simple, your immune system is made up of several organs working together for one purpose, and that purpose is to keep you healthy.  There are certain vitamins and minerals that once depleted in the body, will lower your immune system function and cause disease and sickness; like getting the swine flu, for instance.

So what are some of the vitamins and minerals that we need? Let’s start with…


We all know that white blood cells are responsible for fighting and engulfing foreign matter that invades our body.  This process is called phagocytosis.  The ability of white blood cells to carry out this function is dependent on the available Calcium in these cells.  It is very difficult for an infection to survive in our body when we have the proper amount of Calcium in the blood.  It is one of the body’s biggest protectors against viruses.  As a side, it is not just any type of Calcium, it is ionized Calcium and I’ll show you how to get that in just a bit.

Question: Does Sugar Play a Role in Immune System Function?

The answer is YES!  People call this time of the year the cold and flu season.  I call it the sugar season.  Starting with Halloween, what are we eating more of than we normally do?  What about Thanksgiving…Christmas…and New Year’s?  You got it – SUGAR.  Sugar depletes the body’s reserve of available Calcium.  Remember, when you deplete the body’s reserve of Calcium, you decrease the function of white blood cells (our protectors) and you allow infections to survive in your body for a long time.  Studies show that ingesting 75 to 100 grams of sugar solution (about 2 average 12 oz sodas) can suppress the body’s immune response by 50%.

This lowered immune system will last 2-5 hours after ingestion of the sugar solutions.  That’s pretty scary.  Think about how many times that you or your children drank 2 cans of soda at a birthday party.  Now think about how many times that will happen during the holidays.  So it is the Calcium in blood stream that is essential to prevent us and our children from becoming susceptible to flu’s, colds, and other diseases.  As we know, some of these diseases can cause us to have a fever.  In fact, Calcium deficiency also can cause a child to have recurrent fevers.  And think about it.  All a fever is is a built in mechanism of repair.  The muscles around the bones become warm in order to leach ionized Calcium form the bones to free up Calcium where it is needed to activate white blood cells.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is used with help of Vitamin D to ensure the delivery of Calcium to your bones, teeth, muscle, nerves and white blood cells.  So, Vitamin F takes that Calcium and brings it to these tissues.  Remember, when these cells are filled with Calcium it’s going to be hard for you to get sick.  I’m not saying you will never get sick, but you’re supplying your body with the right nutrients to create for you that Titanium Immune System.

Question: So What Next?

Vitamin C

I would like to start off by saying Ascorbic Acid IS NOT Vitamin C.  Actually, research shows that ascorbic acid can speed up the process of hardening of the arteries.  Also, cancer thrives on glucose and ascorbic acid.  Think of the Vitamin C complex as an egg  The outer shell of the egg would be the ascorbic acid and everything inside , the yolk and egg white, would be the whole complex of nutrients that make up Vitamin C.  So, the ascorbic acid is just the outer protection of the C Complex.  Once digested, the outer shell, or ascorbic acid is passed through your body in 24 hours.  So what you often get at a vitamin store is just the ascorbic acid that passes through your body within a day.  Not much nutrients there.  These synthetic vitamins (ascorbic acid) are really not vitamins at all.  They are just fragments of vitamins.  Therefore, you need the whole Vitamin C Complex for it to work in your body properly.  If Vitamin C is not present in white blood cells (the body’s defense cells), then the white blood cells will fail to function and be unable to fight and destroy infectious organisms.

So, What Does This All Mean?

It means that we have found what we call The Triad of Health.  It consists of Calcium Lactate, Cataplex F and Cataplex C.  These three supplements working together will create that Titanium Immune System.  No more flu vaccine, no more over the counter cold remedies.  These supplements will keep your immune system strong to fight off invading viruses and bacteria.  So, if you are sick and tired all the time and if you seem to catch every bug that comes your way, then maybe it’s time to protect yourself and your family by strengthening your immune system.  Ask Dr. Frazetta about these supplements and how you can protect yourself for a little as the cost of a Sheetz coffee per day!

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