The Truth about Children and Headaches

Kids & Chiro Page Picture56% of boys and 74% of girls between the ages 12 and 17 reported having a headache

in the past month.

Headaches among children may be more common than many parents realize.  Studies gathered from around the world show that 50-70% of kids age 15 and under, have had at least one headache with some of them having severe and frequent headaches.  Once your child has been examined for serious medical issues, Dr. Frazetta may be able to help, so that painkillers do not become the only choice for relief.

90% of children who have migraines have other family members who have migraines.

Headaches in children often originates from neck or cervical spine and involve muscle tension.  Dr. Frazetta will do a thorough exam of the complete spine to get to the cause of the problem.  If adjustments will help your child, gentle manipulation can restore proper motion and function to remove nerve irritation that may be causing these symptoms.

20% of adult headache sufferers say their headaches started before age 10,

50% say they started before age 20.

When children experience chronic headaches, their whole life is affected.  A child in pain is stressful for the entire family.  Discuss this issue with Dr. Frazetta to make a plan for care for your child.  As, always, Frazetta Family Chiriopractic is here to help and see your child reach their fullest potential.

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