The Un-diet, Diet

A five step nutritional plan that can change your life. 

Just doing #3 will significantly make a difference!


The problem with most diets is they’re diets.  They’re followed for a relatively short period of time with the intent of “getting back” to the pre-diet way of eating.  Perhaps a smarter strategy is to establish nutritional habits that can sustain us for the rest of our lives.

Let me go out on a limb here and suggest a nutritional plan that is so simple (and obvious) it will likely be rejected out of hand.  But consider these guidelines:

  1. Avoid manmade: That means avoiding genetically  modified foods and those adulterated with manmade chemicals, which are created in a laboratory and not found in nature.
  2. Spoil quickly: Choose foods that have a relatively short shelf life.  This is usually means doing most of your grocery shopping around the perimeter of the store.
  3. Reject white: White foods, whether refined sugar or bleached white flour, are processed in ways that destroy their nutritional integrity.  Instead, choose simple foods that don’t come from a factory or assembly line.
  4. Avoid over cooking: Choose foods that are close as possible to their original forms.  Generally speaking, raw fruits and vegetables are better for us than those that have been heated or preserved.
  5. Supplement as necessary: These days, even organic foods may be lacking some of the nutritional value that they used to have.  On your next visit, ask what we would recommend.

Simple. Yes?  Once you avoid processed foods and other refined, manmade concoctions, determining portion size, counting calories and using other tactics associated with traditional diets are rarely needed.

What are your beliefs about diet?



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