Unraveling the Vitamin C Saga

 Immune System Lesson 5

Vitamin C, Immune System, Health and Wellness, Chiropractic CareUnraveling the Vitamin C Saga

Ascorbic Acid is NOT Vitamin C

A great analogy to explain what ascorbic acid is , is to compare it to an egg.  Ascorbic acid is like the outer shell of the egg.  It protects what’s inside.  The healthy part of the egg is what’s inside and same goes with the Vitamin C complex.  Here’s what the Vitamin C complex looks like.


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The Ascorbic acid portion of the Vitamin C complex does play a role. Vitamin C gets oxidized so easily that it often disappears in storage of citrus fruits and vegetables.  This is the primary function of Ascorbic acid and that is to protect what’s inside the complex.

Ascorbic Acid – It Can’t Hurt…or Can It?

  1. High dose of Ascorbic acid can speed up the process of hardening of the arteries (Associated Press 3/3/2000).
  2. Cancer thrives on glucose and Ascorbic acid – tumors do better in a high Ascorbic acid environment (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center).
  3. Ascorbic acid is excreted via the kidneys in 24 hours (Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1990).
  4. 500 mg of Ascrobic acid daily can damage genetic material (New York Times, April 1998)

Vitamin C and Immunity

Here is a quote from Dr. Royal Lee (founder of Standard Process).  “Another interesting fact is that the white blood cell (our protector against disease) is higher in Vitamin C then any other cell of the body, under normal conditions the Phagocyte is the policeman of the body and the Vitamin C his ammunition.

Our body doesn’t want the Ascorbic acid but rather it wants the C Complex that is protected by it.  The Complex is so much more important than the Ascorbic acid.  Your WBC without the C complex will fail in function and be unable to fight and destroy infectious organisms.

How Come Patients Feel Better When They

Take Several Grams of Ascorbic Acid?

2 Possibilities:

  1. Ascorbic acid is an acid and most people who are sick with the cold or flu are too Alkaline.  The Ascorbic acid serves as a system acidifier.  Most pathogenic bacteria flourish in an alkaline environment and the ascorbic acid will lower the PH.
  2. The body had a stored supply of “other factors” that comprise the C-Complex and the Ascorbic acid just recombined with those factors and made it whole again.


1 Large Red Bell Pepper: 283 mg

1 Cup of Black Currents: 202 mg

1 Guava: 165 mg

1 Large Kiwifruit: 89 mg

1 Cup of Kale: 53 mg


Our Next Blog will be putting it all together and what specific supplement will produce a Titanium Immune System!






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