I Want to Feel Better – NOW!

I want to feel better Now!

7 Factors that can affect your healing…my favorite is #6.

How often have you been sick and tires of being sick and tired?  Wishing that illness would be gone already or that injury would heal? When you become impatient remember seven critical factors that affect the rate of your recovery.

  1. Your Problem – How serious is your illness or injury?  Was trauma involved?
  2. Your Age – Generally, the older you are, the slower you heal.
  3. Your Health – How strong is your immune system?  Are you battling other chronic ailments (obesity, heart disease)?  The better your overall health, the quicker you heal.
  4. Your Habits – Bad habits (insufficient sleep, cigarette smoking, heavy drinking or drug use, a fast food diet) don’t help the healing process.  Healthy habits will help you feel better faster.
  5. Your Schedule – Keeping your chiropractic visits is essential to create the momentum necessary to make spinal changes.
  6. Your Attitude – A positive attitude is perhaps the most important factor to speed your recovery.
  7. Your Goals – Where are they? What is your plan?  Set goals too low and you’ll shortchange your recovery and quality of life.  Too high and you may feel defeated if expectations aren’t met.

Remember – Chiropractic care can speed up your recovery by keeping your power turned on and your immune system fighting for you!


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