Want To Be Smarter?

Want to be smarter? Take a Mid-Day Nap!napping

Ever get tired in the middle of the afternoon and want to take a little nap?  Well, maybe your brain is telling you something – and you should listen to it!

Here’s why.  New research from the University of California at Berkeley shows a short nap (one hour) can dramatically boost brainpower.

On the other hand, the more hours we stay awake, the more lethargic our brains become.

The same research team previously collected data that revealed staying up all night (an “all-nighter”) to study actually decreased the amount of information subjects were able to learn by 40%.

Researchers believe a nap allows the brain to clear the short-term memory and make room for more information.  No matter what, this is a great excuse to take a mid-afternoon siesta!

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