What to Expect


  • Brief Paperwork

Good News!  Our paperwork is brief, easy to complete and helps us get to know you.  Click on “New Patient Questionnaire” to get started.

  • Consultation

After your paperwork you will meet the doctor and discuss your health related problems, concerns and goals about yourself and your condition.

  • History and Examination

The doctor will be asking you very specific questions about your health history to help determine what may be causing your health condition.  Next he will perform specialized tests to check and see how your body is functioning.  As you go through the exam he will be explaining each finding and how it relates to your overall problem.

  • X-rays

At this point the doctor may perform x-rays to determine the extent of your health concern and to rule out a more serious condition.

  • Schedule your next appointment

The first visit usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour.  The doctor will then have to study your x-rays that evening and compare those findings to the examination.  He will then prepare a report for you which will be given on the 2nd visit.



  • Report of Findings

The doctor will present to you his findings from the first visit.  He will explain to you your treatment options and set you up on a treatment plan.

  • Adjustment

At the conclusion of you Report of Findings you will receive your first adjustment.  (In emergency cases patients will be adjusted on their first visit.  If that’s the case you will have a modified 1st visit.)

  • Home Instructions

The doctor’s assistant will send you home with Do’s and Don’ts, Icing Instructions, your Financial Responsibility and other information that pertains to your case.

The second visit usually lasts about 30 minutes.  From this point on your visits will only take 5-10 minutes, unless you need more time to speak with the doctor.