About Us

Dr. Sebastian Frazetta, Gonstead Chiropractor 

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I attended Cortland State University in upstate New York for my undergraduate degree in Health Science. I completed my doctorate in chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. It was at Life University where a future mentor took me aside and introduced me to the Gonstead technique. (Please learn more about Gonstead by clicking here.) I knew immediately that this was exactly what I was looking for. The Gonstead technique has been researched quite extensively and has proven to be the most reliable approach in correcting many conditions. This equates to a safe, effective system that yields quicker results. I was taught by some of the best chiropractors in the world and now I share what I’ve learned to other doctors and students around the United States.

My purpose for being a chiropractor is to help sick people get better. We see families in our community that are sick, over-medicated and overwhelmed by life’s challenges losing hope unable to live to their potential. At Frazetta Family Chiropractic we see perfection in the human person and when sick bodies are restored transformation of lives can occur. We exist to make that happen.

Our clear goal for every patient is to first and foremost understand their health challenges and then with certainty, provide a solution to assist them in improving and transforming their lives. We will accomplish this by passionately providing specific hands on adjusting for the correction of nerve interference. We will utilize exercise and nutrition to help combat the negative effects of aging and educate our patients on how to get healthy, stay healthy and live the best life possible.


Barbara Smith, Chiropractic Assistant 


Barbara has have been with Dr. Frazetta for over 10 years.  Her prior work experience was in real estate banking so this was a whole new experience for her.  She had experienced chiropractic adjustments before, but could not believe how different the experience had been with Dr. Frazetta and how much she has learned in her time here.

Barbara is originally from the Freeport area, but now lives in Arnold with her two Yorkies, Bella and LaLa, and her two cats, Midnight and Smokey.

She has one daughter, Jennifer, and a grandson, Corey, who she loves spending time with.  Barbara also loves to read and walk her animals.

Michele Shimko, Chiropractic Assistant

Michele has lived in the Pittsburgh area her whole adult life. She has been married over 18 years and has a teenage daughter and son.  Previously worked for a dentist and another chiropractor.  She experienced chiropractic before, but nothing like the Gonstead method and can’t believe the difference in the results she has had, her chronic migraines have disappeared!

When not working, Michele is usually volunteering with her kid’s Marching Band activities and the PTA. Michele is an avid reader and is often spending time on the computer for fun.