What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is found in cannabis that has shown many therapeutic benefits.

CBD does not produce a “high” and will not alter the mental state of the consumer.


What are the medical benefits?

Combat anxiety and depression

Combats tumor and cancer cells

Combats inflammatory disorders

Combats psychosis disorders

Combats free-radical damage

Reduces nausea and vomiting

Suppresses seizure activity


What are our patients saying about our CBD Products?


Back Pain

Re-Live 600mg Level 1 Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

 “Pain has lessened dramatically” [Eva]


Pain & Anxiety

Re-Live 600mg Level 1 Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract & CBD Clinic Pro Sport Level 5 Ointment

 “Excellent results, this is an outstanding product.” [James]


Exercise Related Pain

Re-Live 600mg Level 1 Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

“It’s the real deal. My body feels like it did 10 years ago and my recovery time after workouts is way quicker. It’s made a big difference. I have taken no anti-inflammatory meds since I started taking Re-Live 600 mg.”

“I did a double workout on Wednesday… p90x and mountain biking and didn’t have to take Aleve. Just took the oil and my back was fine.”

“The taste is superior, actually pleasant. That’s a big deal.” [Chris]